Production files HSRW VISOR

Here you can find all files of the HSRW Visor to download.

We are offering a Lasercut-Version (especially for FabLabs, Makerspaces, etc. and companies, willing to support). There is also a detailed manual to download (in English, German, Spanish). There is also a German version of an assemble manual, in case you've done the production and like to hand out all items as a set for self-assembly (Currently only in German).

The 3D-Print-Version has been made as an alternative, for everyone - especially private persons - to print at home.



Please note that this visor is explicitly not a medical product.

Our recommendation of material for the Lasercut-Version are:

  • Carrier: POM-C, 6mm
  • Shield: PET-G, 0.8mm
  • Strap-forehead: PET-G, 0.5mm
  • Stap backhead: rubber band