One of FabLab Kamp-Lintfort’s most important tasks is promoting a modern workforce of engineers and skilled workers. That’s why we reach out to more than children, young adults and students: we also work closely with regional businesses. Our facilities are often visited by businesses who want to learn more about digital fabrication.

We also provide consulting and guidance regarding machines or materials. We can also support and guide makers and entrepreneurs who want to prototype their startup ideas.

Done Workshop

In this workshop different drone technologies will be presented. With the help of the machines available in the FabLab, you will be able to design your own drone quickly and cost-effectively. Only in this way will you be able to make individual adjustments to your drone. Beginning with the development of the flight controller up to the software configuration, you will get to know all necessary steps to be able to make an individual design and your own constructions on your drone.

The workshop will draw on the results of the Satshakit (microcontroller board) and the Satshacopter (drone). Both technologies were developed by Daniele Ingrassia during the Fab Academy.

The workshop is designed for three days and 4 hours each.


In this workshop the basics of electronics will be illustrated by building a DIY oscilloscope. The oscilloscope is manufactured using FabLab equipment and can later be replicated or adapted by the participants.

During the workshop, short lectures on electronics will be held to explain to the participants in detail what they are doing during the workshop.